Private Lessons

The Troy Music Academy offers private lessons on nearly every instrument!

Students receive one on one attention and individualized lesson plans to meet their different tastes and goals.

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Single lessons are $35 per half hour, $70 per hour. Lessons can be booked individually with no obligation to continue.
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Schedule Reoccurring Weekly Lessons
$5 Off Single Lesson Price

Reoccurring lessons are one lesson per week at a fixed day and time. Lessons are billed monthly ($30 per half hour, $60 per hour).  Please contact us to book your reoccurring lesson. If three lessons or less are taken in a month for any reason, students will be charged the single lesson rate.


In the event that your lesson is canceled by your instructor for any reason, a make-up lesson can be scheduled, or a credit issued for the following month.

Lessons must be cancelled by the student at least 24 hours in advance. Make up lessons are not guaranteed, but are scheduled based on availability. If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please use the Schedulicity service. Lessons cancelled by the student will not be refunded.

Students are expected to arrive on time, well prepared, with proper lesson materials. We do our best to stay on time, but sometimes the lessons can run a little late. We make sure that each student gets a full lesson, and that they leave understanding the material.


Every student has a different schedule, abilities, and goals. Here are a few generally accepted approaches to practicing:

• Practicing a little every day is better than practicing for very long periods once or twice a week.

• Warming up for a few moments before practice will make your practice session more productive.

• Electric guitar students should always practice with their amps. The amp is part of the instrument.

• Beginners need about half an hour of daily practice. Young kids may need their parents help.
 All others should practice at least a half hour per day. If you are alert and paying attention, more practice leads to faster progress.

• Review the lesson material as soon as possible after the lesson.

• Don’t try to practice the material faster than you can play it!