My son Bobby has been taking lessons from Kenny for awhile now. Kenny is so patient and Bobby really connects with him. Bobby’s appreciation for music has grown so much since he has taken lessons. He practices all on his own(without me having to ask him:-), and is always happy to go to his lesson. I am from Troy….I am so happy Kenny and Lori opened the Troy Music Academy! – Jody Brenenstuhl

Kenny is a fantastic musician and guitar teacher. I have taken lessons from Kenny for approximately 2 years and learned so much in that time. For being such an accomplished musician he really has excellent patience and technique for teaching a beginner like I was (didn’t even know one single chord)! I don’t have as much time to practice as I would like to these days but I sing for a local band and not only can I now play some of our songs but I can even sing AND play one or two! Never thought I would ever be able to do that! No way I could have ever done it without Kenny’s help!!! Definitely try to take lessons with him; you won’t be disappointed!!! – Jason C.

Our son has been taking guitar lessons with Kenny for just over a year and we couldn’t be happier. Ken knows his interests and teaches toward them. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him any happier than when he was playing in front of people during Troy’s Friday Night Out! Thank you for inviting him and for all the work you’ve done with him! – Paul

Have been a guitar student of Kenny Hohman for years, thought I knew how to play guitar before then- wow did I have alot to learn! Kenny has not only corrected alot of bad habits formed by poor technique but also taught a full range of theory with a blues/rock based focus that we now use in lessons to build on when learning new material. Whether just beginning to play guitar or more of an advanced student you can be sure that Kenny has all the knowledge and talent to help you need to learn and improve playing guitar quickly! – Bob

I have been a student of Graham Tichy’s for a little over two years, and I feel blessed that I have found such a gifted guitar teacher. Graham tries to make the lessons fun, while helping me steadily gain proficiency in guitar-playing. He understands that each student progresses at a different rate, and customizes the curriculum to account for this. This has been especially useful to me, a working adult with a limited practice schedule. I feel I have made tremendous strides in my playing in the brief period of his tutelage. I enthusiastically recommend Graham Tichy as an instructor to anyone interested in learning the guitar. – Dan Rosen

I have only been taking acoustic guitar lessons with Graham Tichy for approx. 8 weeks. Not having any knowledge at all with music or the instrument, and being handicapped at 52 with other life responsibilities; I must say he has me to the point where I’m reading music notation, strumming patterns, flat picking and playing songs such as Octopus’ Garden & While My Guitar Gently Weeps just to name a few, gives you an idea that this guy is not only at the top of his game, but also is a great teacher who lets you learn at a comfortable pace,- no pressure-, just plain relaxed lessons with material you are learning. Half hour lessons with a fee thats pretty affordable. What more can someone ask for! Thanks Graham!! Tim

Kenny is a great guitar teacher. Every week I learn a little more, and it’s fun to learn new songs from my IPod. He has lots of experience since he plays in a band and tours all over the world. I highly recommend taking guitar lessons from Kenny. – David Benson

Kenny is a great teacher. He really takes the time to help you understand every aspect of the guitar. Every week I come out of the lesson knowing more about what it means to play the guitar. His passion for music makes me appreciate it even more. – Ari

After I started taking lessons here my Piano skills increased. Lori is a great teacher and is very helpful. Over the six months I have taken lessons I have felt more confident in my playing and musical skills in general. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn an instrument. – Crossing

Lori has amazing experience in what she does with the bass guitar. She has experience in touring with a band (Super 400) and teaching students. It is worth the money and you won’t regret it. It’s either the best birthday, best graduation, or BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVAAA – Robert

Kenny came highly recommended to us, and after almost 2 months worth of lessons I can truly see why! My 11 year old son wanted to take guitar lessons and I wanted to make sure that I put him in the best possible position to not only learn to play guitar, but to succeed at becoming a great musician if he wants to…well, I can truly say that he is in that exact spot taking lessons from Kenny! He is a great musician and a great teacher! – Kevin

Having the passion and drive and Lori has for music and the bass guitar brought her and keeps her at the top. Being able to apply this passion to teaching is what separates her from others. Somehow Lori knows when to push me and when to pat me on the back. What little steps I make each week are made to feel so grand! That’s why I always leave feeling better than when I went in, and ready to tackle next week’s lesson. – Jim

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